District Hires Two New Employees

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Joe and Mikayla

Many of you have seen these two out-and-about assisting our partners at the NRCS with field checks for CRP, EQIP, and other programs. A formal introduction of Baca County Conservation District’s (BCCD) new District Conservation Technicians (DCT's) is long overdue. Please join us in giving a huge welcome (and thank you) to two of Baca County’s own: Mikayla Sharpe and Joe Mort.

To say Mikayla and Joe “hit the ground running” would be an understatement. Hours after their formal hire in January, these two were in the field, actively assisting the NRCS and local landowners with field checks and conservation planning. Their can-do attitudes, dedication, and friendliness has been unwavering. Joe and Mikayla truly are “Technical Assistance Heroes” for Baca County in 2020.

“We could not have done it without them,” states James Brenner with the NRCS (when referring to Joe and Mikayla’s assistance with the CRP Program this year). Supervising District Conservationist Cindy Schleining expressed her thank you to the BCCD Board stating "I would like to thank you for Joe and Mikayla's assistance - they've been a great asset, assisting with field checks and writing conservation plans."  As a district - we've heard nothing but great things about these two from producers and landowners.

Welcome Joe Mort and Mikayla Sharpe. The Conservation District is so thankful to have you as part of our local-team getting conservation on the ground in Baca County.

Joe and Mikayla will receive on-going technical assistance training from our local, state, and federal partners (including the NRCS). Baca County Conservation District’s DCT Program will increase timely planning and implementation of conservation practices in Baca County. The DCT Program is a grant-funded program administered by the Colorado State Conservation Board (CSCB) with funding from the NRCS. This grant requires a hard-dollar match from the Baca County Conservation District. 

The Baca County Conservation District is a Special Local District created by Colorado Statute.

Our Mission:  Acting in concert with local landowners to enhance conservation, wildlife, and water quality for the benefit of the local community.